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SCALE: Spatial Classification and Landscape Extrapolation of Intertidal Biotic Communities in Central and South Puget Sound

Intertidal biological communities are made up of a diverse set of resident invertebrates and plants that respond to changes in a wide range of physical, chemical and biological conditions. It is important to monitor intertidal biological communities for their intrinsic biodiversity value and also because these communities impact other organisms through the food web.

The Nearshore Habitat Program has been monitoring intertidal biological communities in South and Central Sound since 1997 using the SCALE model. This project provides us with information on an important indicator of habitat condition.

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Spatial Classification and Landscape Extrapolation - Home Link: Return to Scale Home Page Link: Scale Methods Link: SCALE Summary of Results Link: Site Data for Every Sample Location Link: Species Distribution Maps for Every Species Link: Richness and Trophic Level Distribution Maps Spatial Classification and Landscape Extrapolation - (1997-2002) LINK: Click here to open Puget Sound Overview map